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Okay, You Win

June 10, 2019 (581 words)

That a fertilized female egg can be considered not a human entity but rather an alien presence to be disposed of when found to be unwanted by or inconvenient to the aforementioned female, is a bizarre bit of reasoning, backed by laborious discussions of “viability outside the womb.”

But what gets rolled out first in the defense of legalized abortion is the unassailable logic that a woman should have a right to make all medical decisions when it comes to her own body.

This argument, which is difficult to refute, represents the triumph of Americanism over rational thought.

That a woman has a right to make decisions regarding her own body should go without saying. But in this case the time to exert that privilege is before the sexual intercourse designed to result in a pregnancy, not after.

Of course this circumspect approach runs counter to the pursuit of happiness, however anyone may choose to define it, that is seen as a constitutional right. It also runs counter to the contemporary command that we are to “follow our bliss” at all times.

concepts embedded in our founding…

The supremacy of individual conscience and the promotion of personal autonomy, concepts embedded in our founding documents, have created some philosophical quagmires.

Why should a woman have to be circumspect? Why can’t she let loose and have fun, like men can? After all, if a man could get pregnant, we would have had legalized abortion a long time ago.

But this ignores the reality that we – the two genders – are both in this thing together, and that moral considerations and social proprieties once existed to protect women from unwanted outcomes, and to prevent men from placing women in compromised positions.

More importantly, the new paradigm of liberation overturns the profound unitive and procreative aspects of the coital act, and reduces it to mere physical pleasure, like consuming a good meal.

undermining the inclination towards modesty…

If we are honest, we will admit a lot of work has gone into undermining the natural inclination towards prudence and modesty the majority of women find themselves endowed with. Inclinations the majority of men do not share. Hence the #MeToo movement.

It’s time for pro-life advocates to realize it’s futile to appeal to science in the hope of demonstrating humanity apart from viability. Pro-choice folks are unmoved by ultra-sound pictures of tiny fingers and toes.

Nor are they moved by calls to concern for the least among us. And how can we expect them to be, when our entire culture has been built on looking out for number one?

The problem, my friends, is with all of modernity. Starting with the “classical liberalism” that promotes individual emancipation at the expense of the common good, and continuing with the Protestant Reformation that enshrines this emancipation in the doctrine of individual conscience.

making radical ideas the law of the land…

Both of which then dovetailed nicely with the Enlightenment, upon which the American Experiment was launched. Our founders took the radical ideas of their immediate forbearers and made them the law of the land.

Given such an ideological chain of causality one might say legalized abortion was inevitable, a foregone conclusion.

And make no mistake, infanticide will prove to be the downfall of America, and what’s left of Western Civilization, just as human sacrifice led to the demise of the once-mighty Aztec empire.

Robert J. Cavanaugh, Jr.
June 10, 2019

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